Puting Go Kart Goal On Hold And Selling Project Wonder Hoodies

So I have decided to put the go-kart project on hold.  It is a big project but that is not the only reason why I am also putting the go-kart project on hold. I’m also putting the go-kart project on hold because my friend Ryland and I designed a Project Wonder hoodie. I should have posted it on the blog before but I didn’t want to have too many projects going on at once so I didn’t post it. There will be three papers going home with each child in Project Wonder. One paper will explain what to do.  The other papers are both the same but it shows what the hoodies look like. It also shows the sizes that you can and the color that you want, there are black and white to choose from. You will put the size you want in the box and how many you want in that color. Put your name in the name box. The price is $35 and for every hoodie you buy, $8 will go to Project Wonder to make the classroom better and nicer. We hope you buy one I will post next Friday.



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