My failure in science

My failure in science started when the teacher gave us the assignment to build a balloon-powered car. The rules were we had to build a car with reused things or things we found in the garbage. The car had to go ten feet. My car was built out of a paper towel roll, straws, tape, and cardboard. When I got those objects I started to put my car together. That part went well. When I got those things together it looked cool and it moved so I thought it would work. The next day we were testing the cars. I got my car ready to race. My turn was up and then I blew up the balloon. Here’s where it starts going wrong. The balloon had a big leak in it but I ignored it. I put the car on the ground and I let go of the straw that held all the air in. It started to move but then it slowed down and stopped after eight feet.  I learned that if I would have had a balloon without a leak, my car would have gone eight feet.

Ayden’s new project

My new project in Project Wonder is to build a go-kart. For the past two days, I have been watching videos about how the axles work and how the brakes and steering work. I think I’m almost done watching videos on how to do those things. When I am done with that I will move on to looking for the parts and how expensive that stuff is. then one I am done with that I will start buying all those things and start putting them together. This goal is helping me build my mechanical skills.

Ayden’s utopia

In my utopia, I am working on my map. My map is going to look like the center of a dog paw. The toes are small islands and they will have little villages, trees, and small rivers going through them. The big island is going to be something like that but a little different in the middle. There will be gardens and a little pond of fresh water. There will be a river going right through it and lots of trees going on the sides of it. There will be another island at the bottom that will have more room for people. It will have a small beach and a pond in the middle with trees and some gardens. There will also be a lot of villages with a lot of people and, last but not least, there will be a beach were lots of people can relax.