What I did this week

This week in Project Wonder we did a lot of things. I will start with the hoodies we sent LVAC the document with all of the sizes, quantity, and color. It took them A couple of days to process the orders. They finally got back to us today and we should have an estimate of when the hoodies will be delivered. We also have to talk to the principal to see how we will pay either in cash or from the Salisbury bank account.  Other than all of that we did a lot of other things. Like A lot of new units like Vocabulary Context or Sentence structure and like reding inventory and other things.  Next week I would like to do more units so then I can work on some projects. that is my wekkly reveiw I hoped you liked it.

What I Did This Week

This week in Project Wonder Ryland and I started counting up all of the order forms that people have handed in.  People still needed more time so we waited one more day. By Wednesday we only had 22 order forms out of 40 kids so we gave them until Friday so we waited and waited and waited and then it’s was finally Friday. We finally got the last person that wanted to buy a hoodie. Today in Project Wonder we are ordering the hoodies. Once we get the hoodies I will update you.

Project Wonder Hoodies

This week in Project Wonder Ryland and I finished up the logo and made all the phone calls that we had to. Then Ryland and I printed out all of the order forms. We had to print out 55 order forms in color. That doesn’t sound that bad but for a school that is a lot of ink. The teacher did it on his laptop so Ryland and I won’t be using all of that ink. The teacher printed all of the order forms and we had to wait for the printer to be done printing them. It only took a couple of minutes and then they were done. We took then back to the classroom then we got 55 envelopes. Then we paperclipped the envelopes to the order form. When we finished all of that It was the end of the class. The next day we handed them out and they were due by February 11